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Nicoletta Veronesi‘s art work is characterized by the exploration  of traditional and non-traditional media through her original use of  color and her continuously different expressive forms: photography,  painting, collage, artist’s books and objects. The artist operates with absolute freedom: abstract and  figurative work alternate and overlap without any preoccupation of  belonging. Nicoletta Veronesi’ s vocabulary is variety: it‘s the  integrating quality of her work. She never ties herself to a style and she doesn’t allow  herself to be limited by a specific cliché. As Marcel Duchamp said: “  Most people stop and give themselves a style, for some there isn’t ever a  break”.

Born in Milan, after her degree in Political Sciences at The Milan State  University, she moved to New York City in 1975 and studied painting at  The Art Students League.   During ten vibrant years living in New York,  Nicoletta Veronesi worked at both figurative and abstract painting on  big format canvases and photographs, initially Polaroid and then Cibachrome.  In 1986 she has been invited by collector Jacques Hachuel to work in Madrid where she had her first one-man show at Moriarty Gallery.

She lived in Madrid for 8 years, producing commission work and pursuing her own research.

She now lives between Milan and New York.

Her  work has been on display in collective and personal exhibitions in New  York, Spain, and Italy. Part of her art production was acquired by the  borrowing institutions or  private collectors.

John Weber 

(John Weber Gallery, NY)

Enchanted images

"Enchanted  images" is the way I would define this work of Nicoletta Veronesi,  seducing and intriguing images, images that fascinate and unsettle, as  it happens when we encounter the world of fairy tales. And it is in this  world that Nicoletta Veronesi's work transports us, a world that she  brings to life using different techniques and styles of painting and  photography, whether she enhances the dramatic and expressionistic  dimension of color and its contrasts or she uses the pallor of grey and  muted colours or black and white in their absoluteness. She brings us in  the fairytale world, in the most ancient form of storytelling, in which  everything holds and binds, connects and manifests. It has nothing to do with the world of childhood, but with  that dark and unsettling of the origins, of the rites of passage, where  life and death are together and pierce one into the other.  The dreamlike dimension that appears in many of her works  is conveyed by water. Water creates the double: it expands and it fades  the image in the reflection. The depth of the water's reflection does  not just reproduce, but it leads us, with its being vague, in the  infinity of the sign and in its elusiveness, in its magic and enchanted  deception. It creates an experience of transition, somewhere in between  dream and reality...

Eleonora Fiorani

(epystemologist and writer)

A circumstancial research

"...Veronesi’s whole work has, in my view, a narrative character  and course. The titles are indicative in this respect:  "The guardian  of the river", "The escaped", "Fairy", "The elves dance in the winter"  A  symbolic world, expressed with visual metaphors that could very well  translate into poetic lines. "The guardian of the river," a woman /  goddess and queen erects herself as a guardian of the water, of which is evoked the preciousness.

It is the  water of a great and vast river; the immersion of the goddess is not  total, it  almost suggests a birth by  emerging, maintaining  the  contact with the salvific and ancestral element carrier of life. The  mastery of digital technology is clear, but the risk of a detachment  from reality is averted by the use of some  wool  and silk fibers that  Veronesi inserts in  her composition so that it becomes the weave of the  surface. It’s a recall to a never abandon manual practice, which is  nourished and delighted by a domestic feeling...

Mimma Pasqua

(art historian)



  • 2018 Madre Acqua, Spazio Ciprea, Maruggio (TA)
  • 2017  Fra il sogno e la realtà, Galleria Quinto Cortile, Milano
  • 2016  Spiriti all’alba, Grand Hotel Trento, Trento  
  • 2009  About Love, Le Biciclette, Milano
  • 2009  Elephants,Zebras, Giraffes, Space Le Trottoir – Milano
  • 2005  Il viaggio, ArteTadino6, Milano
  • 2005  L’isola felice,  Biblioteca di Malfa, Salina, Isole Eolie
  • 2005  Acquatica, Palazzo Comunale, Salina, Isole Eolie
  • 1987  Incontro con Picasso, Centro Cultural Lavapies, Madrid
  • 1986  Polaroid e Cybachrome, Galleria Caleidoscopio,  Madrid
  • 1986  Polaroid,  Galleria Moriarty,  Madrid
  • 1986  Polaroid, Junta Municipal de Tetùan – Madrid
  • 1985  Polaroid, Self Portrait, Kamikazy Gallery, New York
  • 1984  Abstract, Reinhardt Gallery, Woodstock

 GROUP SHOWS        

  • 2019 Memorie resistenti - XVI Rassegna Poesiarte Milano- Quintocortile -Milano
  • 2019  Il Giardino delle meraviglie: "Angolo dei desideri" - Neuropsichiatria infantile-ASST Bergamo
  • 2019  Tornare a Itaca XII, Palazzo Comunale, Grimaldi (CS)
  • 2019   XVI Rassegna  Poesiarte Milano: Memorie resistenti, Quintocortile, Milano
  • 2019   Specie Protette: il Giardini delle Meraviglie - Installation - MilanDesignWeek
  • 2019  SmallFamilies, TamTam, Triennale, Milan
  • 2018  Tornare@Itaca XII, Fondazione Brugnatelli, Milano
  • 2018  Guerra o Pace?, Palazzo Trentini, Trento
  • 2018  Giochi e Gioghi Globali, XV rassegna Poesiarte, Quinto Cortile, Milano   
  • 2018  Tornare@Itaca XI, Invasioni, Palazzo Comunale, Grimaldi (CS)
  • 2018  Love maybe Love, Biennale FIDA,  Palazzo Thun, Trento                            
  • 2017  Tornare@Itaca XI, Attraversamenti, Palazzo Comunale, Grimaldi (CS)
  • 2016  Land Art Lupanica, Udine
  • 2016  Tornare@Itaca X, Il Cinema e lo sguardo degli altri, Quinto Cortile, Milano
  • 2016  Passi d’arte nel bosco lupanico, 1a edizione premio Land Art­, Udine
  • 2016  Tornare@Itaca. Il Cinema e lo sguardo degli altri, MAM, Cosenza
  • 2015  FiguraAQUA (parte terza), Spazio Soderini, Milano
  • 2015  Tondo d’Artista, Spazio SEICENTRO, Milano 
  • 2015  Toyssimi, Triennale di Milano, Milano
  • 2015  Visioni, Museo MAXI, Roma
  • 2015  Visioni, Spazio Ex Fornace, Milano
  • 2014  Per Terra, Spazio Ex Fornace, Milano
  • 2014  Abiti da Lavoro - Abiti d'oro ( variazione sugli abiti da lavoro) illustrazioni - Triennale di Milano
  • 2014  Per Terra, Tornare@Itaca, Palazzo del Comune di Grimaldi, Cosenza
  • 2013  Il Labirinto, TamTam, Spazio Ex Fornace, Milano
  • 2012  Ama Foreste, NABA, Milano              
  • 2011  Passagen, Colonia
  • 2011  La Casa di Ulisse, Fabbrica Del Vapore, Milano 
  • 2011  Invenzioni Leggere, Space Anna Lenti, Milano
  • 2010  Progettazione casa Rom, TamTam
  • 2010  Gioielli, Atelier VM, Milano
  • 2010  Love you Love me, Cow Parade, Hotel De Russie, Roma
  • 2008  La Vache Qui Rit , Cow Parade, Capri
  • 2008  The brain project,  Trieste
  • 2007  Poetree Christmas City Park, Superstudiopiù, Milano
  • 2007  Unreal Flowers, My Own gallery, Superstudiopiù , Milano
  • 2007  Mediterraneo i colori del mare , Gard Gallery – Roma    
  • 2007  The brain project, Trieste
  • 2007  I peccati del III Millennio, Palazzo della Regione, Trento
  • 2007  Precious Cow, Cow Parad, Milano
  • 2006  Urban Work, Joyce Goldstein Gallery, Chatam,New York
  • 2006  4 Italian Artists, Artkultur, Monaco
  • 2005  Messaggi, Gasoline, Milano
  • 2004  Limited editions, Slobs Edizioni, Milano
  • 2003  Oggetti d'artista, Slobs, Milano
  • 2002  Prints edition, Slobs , Milano
  • 1999  Solo Fiori, Belcanto, Pavia
  • 1999  Arte grafica, Immaginaria, Milano
  • 1998  Only Roses, WEA (World Exhibition Association), Viterbo
  • 1997  I colori del vento, Palazzina Liberty, Milano
  • 1997  Trilogia d’amore, Paci & Partners, Milano
  • 1997  Cartoline d’autore, Bac Art Studio  Venezia
  • 1996  Il fischietto , Microbrera, Milano
  • 1996  Pittura, Ceramica, Gioielli, Palazzo Maresca – Ostuni
  • 1995  Cartoline d’autore, Bac Art Studio, Venezia
  • 1994  Cartoline d’autore, Bac Art Studio, Venezia
  • 1987  Toros y los Toreros, Galleria Moriarti, Madrid
  • 1986  El Collage, Sala d'Exposiciones Universidad de Valencia, Valencia
  • 1985  Video, The Kitchen, New York




Research collaboration and doctoral thesis with Dr. Annie Bergman: "Art as a means of communication with autistic children" (Preschool age group)


Italian language teaching through the creation of my own textbook: images and personal stories (adolescents and adults)


Art workshops for children (ceramics, mosaic, jewelery, autobiographical booklets)


Teacher of the intensive "Creative Embroidery" course: https://vimeo.com/97552959 https://vimeo.com/20678968



For "TAM TAM, an extreme school" http://www.tam-tam-tam.org/ 

 Design and teaching of the "Naturelli" workshop: Creation of jewels with the elements of nature.


Within SOLARIS http://www.camphillhudson.org/solaris.html creation and design of design objects and jewelery with hadicapped residents. The work is later sold in the Warren Street-Hudson-NY association store

TOYSSIMI with TAM TAM http://www.tam-tam-tam.org/

100 children and 100 designers. Design and execution of toys with elementary school children.



Il Pio Albergo Trivulzio, http://www.iltrivulzio.it/home.html for over two centuries it has been the nursing home for the poorer and elderly of Milan. Design and implementation of the project "The Game of the giant Goose". (Creation of a maxi tableau of the game of goose and application of hand colored drawings by the elderly. Original drawings by Nicoletta Veronesi)     


With TAM TAMand for Pane Quotidiano http://panequotidiano.eu/ an art project for the children of the users of the Bread Onlus Association:

https://www.facebook.com/tamtamspecieprotette/ - (Vedi pagina facebook) 


IL GIARDINO DELLE MERAVIGLIE: Permanent installations and works of art in the park of the psychiatric institution of Bergamo: creation of a dynamic and stimulating journey. 

My work of art: "The bench of desires" (mosaic), https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3Aaf9ffaa9-0458-4f17-aa96-9d1886ea5f82

ART RESIDENCY - 2018-2019

Initiation to the world of creativity. In my studio in the south of Italy I offer week ends or weeks of art residency where I 

extrapolate the artist which is in all of us










State University of Milan -1974-1978: Doctorate in Political Sciences and Social Psychology

Stony BrookUniversity- Stony Brook-NYS-1977-1978: Graduate school of social studies 

The Art Students League-New York-1978-1980