Communion with certain animals happens through love: they are in my usual places and in my space-time imagination, they are always with me: the deer, the hummingbird, the zebra, the horses, the birds, the butterflies.

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, the headquarters of Pane Quotidiano Onlus will host "Specie Protette” in a specially set up “Wonders Garden”: a creative exhibition that brings together all the colourful bird-sculptures made by the children who took part in the workshops activated by Nicoletta Veronesi and Alessandra Zucchi.

The operation is part of the "Design + Sensibile" program, the innovative and ethical proposal with which, also with the support of the Municipality 5 of Milan, several initiatives will be present in the Fuorisalone circuit: they will be characterised by a path dedicated to the possible integration between man and the urban environment, which stimulates a reflection on the need to humanise design in order to create peaceful and liveable contexts for everyone, respecting the well-being and dignity of the person and the community.

With "Specie Protette", starting from the idea of ​​flight as a metaphor for the infinite possibilities that each of us has in oneself, the children involved in the creative path freed their imagination, representing themselves through small bird-sculptures created through the use of very many different materials. protected species animals sculptures