Woven Tapestries

Limited edition
100% cotton - 135 x 195 cm. 


My universe is populated by animals, priestesses, spirits, demons and butterflies.

In them I encounter mystery and magic, I find a reason for being in an otherwise unsustainable complexity.

In my tapestries I tell short stories: that of a Priestess who rises in the Hudson River and watches while protecting all around, of a tiger who speaks with a zebra, of naked lovers who love each other in a glass of wine, of an enchanted garden where butterflies fly around white willows.

Communion with certain animals happens through love: they are in my usual places and in my space-time imagination, they are always with me: the deer, the hummingbird, the zebra, the horses, the birds, the butterflies.

Even where there is the dark and the threatening, there can be unity and beauty.

I observe and look for that original unity whose presence I need and which all animals certainly know better.

The fairy tale, the magic, the vision, love: in this so confused and contradictory world I couldn’t do otherwise.